Saturday, June 14, 2014

TFIOS Movie Experience

(Doesn't contain spoilers)

TFIOS is higly inticipated movie of the year. There had been an advanced screening too. The showing of tfios is June 5 here in ph. So when June 5 came, the wait is over for the nerdfighters but other nerdfighters need to wait for weekends for those who have classes like me. My friend, trisha and I planned to watch tfios a couple of months ago so June 7 is already reserved.

On june 7 I woke up early because this is it! This is the day where I can finally watch tfios. The sched of tfios in the mall near us is 12:45. We are already got there at 12:00 because we thought that there would be a lot of people that will watch it. At first we are really giddy, the long wait is over. Then the movie started we're so happy then suddenly the feels are going back. We get out of the cinema with red eyes. My favorite scene is the egg throwing. And I just love the soundtrack! I love the movie adaptation because they don't mess it up. You must watch it! ;)


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