Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Of 2014

 Few more hours till 2015! 2014 is such a blissful year. I’ve done a lot of great things and learned so much this year. 

  • I’ve learned how to speak and write in Mandarin. It is one of our extra subjects. 

  • I discovered the world of reading! Such a wonderful world. The first novel I bought is The Fault in our Stars by John Green.

  • I got my own library! If you know what I mean. Ahaha.  

2014 books
 (Insert Divergent series, Under The Never Sky Trilogy, This Is What Happy Looks Like,  The Little Prince, Mockingjay) My friends borrowed them.

  • Gained new friends! (fandom and school friends)

  • Specially, I made a blog, Slice of Reads and The Book Sisters with Trisha.    

  • And I’m feeling dauntless so I’m accepting this challenge.

May the odds be ever in our favor on 2015!

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