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Review: The Land of Forgotten Girls by Erin Entrada Kelly

Title: The Land of Forgotten Girls
Author: Erin Entrada Kelly
Publication Date: March 1, 2016
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Two sisters from the Philippines, abandoned by their father and living in impoverished circumstances in Louisiana, fight to make their lives better. For readers of Cynthia Kadohata and Rita Williams-Garcia and anyone searching for the true meaning of family.

Soledad has always been able to escape into the stories she creates. Just like her mother always could. And Soledad has needed that escape more than ever in the five years since her mother and sister died and her father moved Sol and her

youngest sister from the Philippines to Louisiana. Then he left, and all Sol and Ming have now is their evil stepmother, Vea. Sol has protected Ming all this time, but then Ming begins to believe that Auntie Jove—their mythical, world-traveling aunt—is really going to come rescue them. Have Sol’s stories done more harm than good? Can she protect Ming from this impossible hope? Erin Entrada Kelly writes with grace, imagination, and deepest heart about the meaning of family and about finding hope in the hardest circumstances.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed reading The Land of Forgotten Girls, I didn’t encounter boring scenes. I liked Sol’s fairy tales, they really took me to fascinating places. I think this one is a book for all ages, this is different from other Middle Grade books.

I liked the flashbacks in the Philippines and it made me smile when I read a Filipino word. I got attached to the characters, especially with Sol. She’s just 12 year old and she’s already carrying a lot of burden. I love Sol and Ming’s strong sibling bond, they’re always on each other side. To be honest, I shipped Sol and Manny! Manny is prepared to do anything for Sol. Well, they are still children so maybe in the near future? I think Vea is not that bad, maybe in the deepest part of her heart, she still cares for Sol and Ming.

This book reminds me how pure and honest 12 year olds are. You could turn your enemy into a friend. Fairy tales helped Sol and Ming to forget about how reality is harsh. The Land of Forgotten Girls is about diversity, family and friendship. It will leave you with a hole in your heart. 

Thank you Edelweiss for the copy!

5 hearts!

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